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Eight reports from 2021 that put Waterloo on the podium

Posted by Waterloo EDC on January 11, 2022

It may have been a tough test at times, but Waterloo passed 2021 with flying colours.

This past year, we came together to fuel innovation, growth and success in our community. Waterloo’s ecosystem made strides in all sectors, while our global recognition continued to accelerate despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before gearing up for another year, it’s time to step up to the podium and accept the...


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9 Waterloo companies bringing robots to the world

Posted by Waterloo EDC on December 21, 2021

With innovative technologies and automation tools, the robotics industry is creating more productive, sustainable and efficient workplaces around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated momentum in the robotics sector, with the rise of remote work and the heightened emphasis placed on health and safety.

As the largest robotics and automation cluster in Canada, Waterloo is home to...


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How to apply artificial intelligence to manufacturing

Posted by Waterloo EDC on December 15, 2021

Manufacturing is changing.

More than ever before, the industry is embracing new technologies that result in better products and more efficient processes. While robotics and automation are becoming more common on factory floors, artificial intelligence and machine learning are only now being applied to problems in manufacturing. Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning into our...


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Q&A: Cognitive Systems is going to automate your world with WiFi

Posted by Waterloo EDC on December 2, 2021

Is there more to WiFi than just Internet access?

Taj Manku thinks so. He’s the Co-Founder and CEO of Cognitive Systems, a company committed to finding new uses for WiFi – a technology that is nearly as ubiquitous as electricity.

The resulting technology – WiFi Motion – expands on WiFi’s untapped potential to include motion sensing functions. Manku believes the future of the home is a responsive...


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