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The world's best and biggest tech schools

Posted by Waterloo EDC on June 13, 2022

At a certain point quality is quality.

For example, when ranking the 1,400 best universities in the world, being in the top-25 is a pretty big deal. That’s the top 1.7%. We can all agree that the students who come from those programs are of the highest quality and the difference between #5 and #20 is meaningless for your company.

When quality is (almost) equal you have to move onto other...


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Q&A: Waterloo EDC’s Catharine Gerhard on helping tech companies grow

Posted by Waterloo EDC on June 8, 2022

Expanding into a new country isn’t easy. In fact, without help, it’s pretty hard.

That’s why Waterloo EDC exists – to simplify the process. We connect companies looking to expand with people who have a track record of making these expansions smooth and successful.

Catharine Gerhard is a Market Development Manager at Waterloo EDC. She has years of experience helping foreign companies set up shop...


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May Wrap-Up: Creative talent on the rise

Posted by Waterloo EDC on June 1, 2022

Kicking the summer off right, this month we saw new tech funding rounds, growing partnerships with our higher education institutions and more.

Here are the top stories from May 2022:


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Waterloo: Where the Future of Aerospace Takes Flight

Posted by Waterloo EDC on May 26, 2022

Waterloo’s strong aerospace ecosystem is built on our top talent, exceptional research capacity and a legacy of manufacturing and tech innovation. Our community is home to a full-service airport and is strategically located next to one of Canada’s largest aerospace clusters. With 85+ companies working in materials testing and development, component and aircraft manufacturing and software and...


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