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FleetCarma acquisition has electrified telematics giant Geotab

Posted by Waterloo EDC on October 23, 2019

When large technology companies buy smaller ones, they often assimilate the technology and intellectual property, integrate the workforce and, eventually, leave the company’s original community.

But that’s not what happened when Geotab Inc. bought Waterloo-based FleetCarma last year. Geotab decided to not only keep the staff in Waterloo, but to invest and expand the Waterloo division, now...


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Three infographics on Waterloo’s workforce, demographics and economy

Posted by Waterloo EDC on October 16, 2019

At Waterloo EDC, we’re always trying to create useful new resources for sharing the business investment potential of our community. To that end, we’ve created cluster maps, talent guides and step-by-step instructions for opening a remote office in Waterloo.

Now, we’re releasing three new infographics that highlight the talented workforce, diverse demographics and resilient economy that make...


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BlackBerry launches new cybersecurity R&D lab in Waterloo

Posted by Waterloo EDC on October 10, 2019

Earlier this year, BlackBerry announced its acquisition of Cylance, an artificial intelligence and cybersecurity company, positioning themselves as one of the world’s largest cybersecurity firms. BlackBerry’s security business was back in the news last week as they announced the development of a new cybersecurity research and development lab based out of their Waterloo operations centre.


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Waterloo-based ISARA is building a quantum-safe world

Posted by Waterloo EDC on October 8, 2019

Founded in 2015 in Waterloo, ISARA Corporation is not only part of the region’s growing high-tech sector: it’s also the largest company of its kind worldwide.

ISARA develops quantum-safe security software that can be embedded into commercial products to secure data—now, and in the future. As such, it is leading a global collaborative effort to protect companies from the emerging quantum...


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