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5 Charts: Waterloo vs. Europe's top tech hubs

Posted by Waterloo EDC on March 3, 2021

Waterloo’s tech credentials are impressive. We have Canada’s highest quality tech workforce, some of the world’s fastest growing tech companies and the top computer science, engineering and mathematics school in the country.

Recently, we compared our tech ecosystem to the top emerging tech hubs across North America and Waterloo won each match-up.

We wanted to see how our community stacked up...


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In the room: a 360-degree look at Waterloo’s outside spaces

Posted by Waterloo EDC on February 25, 2021

Yes, we’ve read the headline.

Our “In the room” series has taken a look at some of Waterloo’s top R&D spaces and tech organizations. What’s left? Well, we have a beautiful collection of 360-degree videos highlighting some of the outside spaces that are so important in defining the Waterloo community.

So, let’s use them!

Without further ado, here’s an immersive 360-degree look at five outdoor...


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4 pillars supporting Canada’s largest robotics and automation cluster

Posted by Waterloo EDC on February 22, 2021

Waterloo is home to Canada’s largest robotics and automation cluster. It’s an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence.

Our proof: a brand new ecosystem map that identifies and categorizes the 90+ robotics and automation companies working in our community. On this map, you’ll find multinationals like LEONI, ATS Automation and Beckhoff Automation, robotics upstarts like Otto...


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Mapped: North America’s top technology clusters

Posted by Waterloo EDC on February 19, 2021

If you’re expanding your tech company in a new community, how do you choose which one?

Talent availability and cost are both important factors for most companies. For some, research might be a big deal. One oft-overlooked – but incredibly important – consideration is whether the business ecosystem has formed a legitimate “cluster” in your company’s industry.

While the benefits aren’t as...


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