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Four key lessons from ESCRYPT/Bosch’s move to Waterloo

Posted by Waterloo EDC on February 12, 2019

In 2016, Bosch became the latest of an impressive list of global companies choosing to invest in Waterloo, through a wholly owned subsidiary called ESCRYPT Canada.

This subsidiary is a leader in the area of embedded security, with a focus on secure connected vehicles, smart cities and Internet-of-Things (IoT) security. Today, their Waterloo location is the company’s technical headquarters...


Topics: security, technology, automotive

Q&A: How to keep your business secure in a quantum future

Posted by Waterloo EDC on November 27, 2018

Is a quantum revolution around the corner? We asked quantum security expert and entrepreneur Michele Mosca.


Topics: quantum, security, technology, Q&A

Waterloo quantum security firm lands $10 million investment

Posted by Waterloo EDC on November 21, 2018

The National Security Agency in the United States identified quantum computers as a major threat to cybersecurity. That’s where Waterloo’s ISARA comes in.


Topics: quantum, security, technology

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