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Business immigration is simple in Canada

Posted by Waterloo EDC on May 19, 2021

Canada has an international reputation for enabling global talent recruitment.

In fact, in early 2021, the prestigious management firm Boston Consulting Group named Canada the #1 destination for global talent. This reputation is built on exceptional business immigration programs that can help your company attract, retain and relocate the world’s best international talent to Canada.

It isn’t...


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Waterloo is among the fastest growing communities in Canada

Posted by Waterloo EDC on February 4, 2021

Two weeks ago, Statistics Canada released its annual report on Canada’s population growth. For the third straight year, Waterloo Region was one of the two fastest growing communities in Canada. Last year, we topped the list.

Canada’s top five fastest growing communities in 2020 include:

  1. Oshawa, Ontario
  2. Waterloo Region, Ontario (listed as Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo)
  3. Halifax, Nova Scotia
  4. ...

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Four ways Waterloo provides unrivaled access to a global market

Posted by Waterloo EDC on December 11, 2020

This is an era of unprecedented uncertainty for businesses that depend on global market access to sell their products. The world’s two biggest economies the United States of America and China are in the midst of a trade war. The world’s fifth largest economy the United Kingdom – is weeks away exiting the European Union without a trade deal, which will have significant consequences for the...


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Five things you need to know about opening an international office

Posted by Waterloo EDC on November 4, 2020

It takes great talent to scale your business. Finding that talent in your city can be challenging — especially in large cities where competition for top tech talent is fierce. The solution for many businesses is opening international offices that act as a tech talent magnet.

Waterloo is one of those communities where businesses have opened offices to take advantage of a highly skilled talent...


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