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BlackBerry launches multi-million dollar UWaterloo partnership

Posted by Waterloo EDC on May 18, 2021

BlackBerry, the Waterloo-based tech giant, has announced a new five-year, multi-million dollar partnership with the University of Waterloo aimed at driving new research-based innovation in Canada.


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Q&A: Tech giant EPAM joins the Waterloo tech ecosystem

Posted by Waterloo EDC on April 20, 2021

Waterloo Region is no stranger to major multinational companies. We have homegrown examples like BlackBerry, OpenText and ATS Automation. We have foreign companies with major local operations like Google, SAP and Oracle NetSuite.Now, we’re adding EPAM Systems to the fold.EPAM is a true giant. They have 41,000+ employees, operate in 35+ countries and had $2.7 billion in revenue in 2020. They work...


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March Wrap-up: Talent and Trains

Posted by Waterloo EDC on April 1, 2021

Spring has returned and, with it, a number of familiar sights in Waterloo. The snow has started to melt. The birds are singing. Waterloo has collected another accolade for having top engineering and technology talent.

It’s like clockwork.

That’s not the only news from Waterloo last month. We have updates on trains to Toronto, a report on global talent destinations, new research capacity to...


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10 exciting companies founded by UWaterloo alumni

Posted by Waterloo EDC on March 31, 2021

The University of Waterloo has a global reputation as a technology and innovation powerhouse. One of the world’s top technology schools, UWaterloo was named “Canada’s Most Innovative University” for 28 consecutive years.

The university’s impressive tech credentials are amplified by a unique creator-owned intellectual property policy that grants full ownership to the inventor. Pair that with a...


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