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5 Charts: Waterloo vs. Austin

Posted by Waterloo EDC on July 21, 2020

This is the first edition in a new Waterloo EDC series called “5 Charts: Waterloo Versus” that compares our community with some of America’s top tech hubs. Future posts will look at Pittsburgh, Columbus, Salt Lake City and more.

We often compare Waterloo’s exceptional tech credentials to other major cities in Canada like Toronto and Montreal, and major US tech hubs like Silicon Valley and New...


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Waterloo tops CBRE list of North American emerging tech talent markets

Posted by Waterloo EDC on July 16, 2020

A new report from CBRE identifies Waterloo as North America’s fastest-growing “opportunity market.” The report, 2020 Scoring Tech Talent, says that Waterloo has witnessed an incredible 51 percent growth in tech jobs over the past five years, which puts the total tech workforce at 22,400 people.

Opportunity markets – also known as emerging markets – offer tech companies a unique chance to tap...


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Heating is high-tech at Viessmann Canada

Posted by Waterloo EDC on July 15, 2020

Few manufacturing and assembly companies can say they have thrived for over four decades in one community while being part of a century-old global and family-owned business. Viessmann Canada has not only done that, it is now transitioning the company’s products into a whole new and exciting digital era.

The company’s most recent iteration involves an expansion of its research and development...


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What are location advantages and how can they help my company?

Posted by Waterloo EDC on July 9, 2020

This is the fifth part in our "Guide to Foreign Business Expansion" series tackling the 12 questions every business needs to ask. Download the full guide now.

Expansion to a new location is unlikely to make sense unless the new location provides tangible advantages over your current location, or provides concrete solutions to challenges facing your current location. There are a wide variety...


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