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How should I evaluate an ecosystem?

Posted by Waterloo EDC on June 24, 2020

This is the fourth part in our "Guide to Foreign Business Expansion" series tackling the 12 questions every business needs to ask. Download the full guide now.

Every community is different, which means that every community presents different options and opportunities for growing your business. Like purchasing a house in the right neighbourhood, expanding your business in the right community can...


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Three business expansion priorities in a post-COVID world

Posted by Waterloo EDC on June 22, 2020

COVID-19 won’t change everything.

For businesses looking to expand, the basics are still important. Access to new and experienced talent, cost advantages, local business ecosystem, business support programs and resources, R&D capabilities, transportation linkages and access to a global market will remain central parts of every expansion decision.

However, the vulnerabilities that COVID-19 exposed...


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Communitech partnership lands $57 million to digitize businesses

Posted by Waterloo EDC on June 11, 2020

A group of regional innovation partners, including Waterloo-based Communitech, have received $57 million in funding to help deliver Digital Main Street programming that helps businesses “futureproof” through the adoption of e-commerce solutions. The program aims to support 5,200 small and medium-sized businesses across Ontario and create more than 700 jobs for co-operative education students.


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Remote work is just one part of the future of work and learning

Posted by Waterloo EDC on June 10, 2020

This is the fourth edition in a new Waterloo EDC series on remote work. Stay tuned for posts featuring a variety of perspectives on the subject, including our Q&As with SkyWatch, OpenText, and a recruitment expert.

Work is changing and it isn’t just due to COVID-19.

Even before the pandemic, the norms that governed the workplace for 50+ years were beginning to break down. Expectations had begun...


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