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Waterloo's top 12 business news stories from 2020

Posted by Waterloo EDC on December 15, 2020

As we near the end of 2020, it’s only fitting to publish a good, old-fashioned year-in-review series. We’ll recap some of Waterloo’s top news stories, our appearance in several prominent 2020 reports and highlight some of our favourite original stories from the year.

Communities everywhere experienced a year full of unique challenges. As our city streets quieted down and everyone focused on...


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Four ways Waterloo provides unrivaled access to a global market

Posted by Waterloo EDC on December 11, 2020

This is an era of unprecedented uncertainty for businesses that depend on global market access to sell their products. The world’s two biggest economies the United States of America and China are in the midst of a trade war. The world’s fifth largest economy the United Kingdom – is weeks away exiting the European Union without a trade deal, which will have significant consequences for...


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In the room: a 360-degree look at Waterloo’s R&D centres

Posted by Waterloo EDC on December 8, 2020

Waterloo’s international reputation is built on tech talent and tech companies, for good reason. This is one of North America’s most exciting emerging tech hubs.

However, it is possible that our community’s greatest comparative global advantage is research. In a measure of pure research output, we compete with far larger tech hubs like Austin, Pittsburgh and Columbus. If you look at research...


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Tech innovator IMS announces big growth plans in Waterloo

Posted by Waterloo EDC on August 28, 2020

What a difference two years make.

In September 2018, IMS – an autotech innovator specializing in connected car technology – was placed in receivership. A few months later, the company emerged from receivership with a new owner: Trak Global Group from the United Kingdom.

This week, the company announced plans to double its workforce in Waterloo. IMS currently has 70 employees in Waterloo,...


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