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5 Charts: Waterloo vs. Detroit

Posted by Waterloo EDC on October 15, 2020

This is part of a Waterloo EDC series called “5 Charts: Waterloo Versus” that compares our community with some of American’s top tech hubs, including Austin, Texas; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Columbus, Ohio; Salt Lake City, Utah and Phoenix, Arizona. You can find a full summary here.

We often compare Waterloo’s exceptional tech credentials to other major cities in Canada like Toronto and...


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Talent magnet tech offices are the way of the future

Posted by Waterloo EDC on October 14, 2020

COVID-19 has changed a lot, but it isn’t likely to change where corporations locate their HQs.

At least, that’s what famed business expert Richard Florida had to say in a new article for the Harvard Business Review. The crux of his argument: the short-term effects of COVID are unlikely to undo the long-term trend of America’s largest companies keeping their corporate HQs in America’s largest...


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Three key findings: New report on startup funding in Waterloo

Posted by Waterloo EDC on October 8, 2020

Hockeystick, a company that connects startups with capital and connections to help them grow, released their quarterly report on Waterloo’s tech ecosystem last week. The report highlights a busy Q2 for Waterloo’s tech scene, with more than $140M invested in local tech companies.

“From a national perspective, the Waterloo Region is a small population base with tremendous deal activity and...


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What does the tax code look like in potential new locations?

Posted by Waterloo EDC on October 6, 2020

This is the eleventh part in our "Guide to Foreign Business Expansion" series tackling the 12 questions every business needs to ask. Download the full guide now.

Like government dynamics, tax codes differ in every potential location depending on a variety of factors including the number of layers of government, constitutional responsibilities and national/regional initiatives. The tax rate...


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