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Enlighted Grand opening, Catalyst137

Enlighted keeps growing in Waterloo

Posted by Waterloo EDC on November 16, 2022

Enlighted, a leading property technology company, just expanded their presence in Waterloo’s tech ecosystem and opened a new office – a calculated move to power the company’s development of cutting edge IoT and sustainability solutions.

We look forward to further tapping into the rich talent base in the Waterloo and Kitchener area to bolster our product innovation,” said Stefan Schwab, CEO of Enlighted.

As a property technology company, or prop tech, Enlighted’s work applies information technology and software to the real estate industry. Enlighted focuses on IoT solutions at the intersection of people, spaces and work, striving to enhance efficiency and experiences across working environments through smart lighting, energy management systems and HVAC integration.New call-to-action

The Waterloo office will act as a hub for technical product development teams as they produce innovative smart building IoT sensors, data and software applications that boost customer productivity and show real progress towards customers’ net carbon zero sustainability goals. Since 2019, Enlighted has operated in Waterloo and has grown to over 30 employees. With the new hub located in Kitchener’s Catalyst137 building – the world’s largest IoT manufacturing space the company is now uniquely positioned to revitalize productivity and sustainability needs with a high percentage of synergic spaces designed to spark collaboration and innovation.

“As a prop tech leader, we intimately understand the value in bringing together new and future talent to collaborate and ideate in person, ultimately creating a shared sense of purpose,” says Schwab.

The nod to a combination of talent includes the University of Waterloo, Canada’s #1 tech school, and Waterloo’s globally-recognized experienced tech workforce. Enlighted has also worked with more than 70 students from the university’s renowned co-op program. It says a lot about the school’s talent quality that many of them were hired as full-time workers post-graduation.

It doesn’t hurt that Waterloo is also becoming a hub for top tech companies, including highly-regarded scale-ups like Faire, Arctic Wolf and ApplyBoard and some of the world's biggest tech brands.

“The Waterloo region is attracting some of the most innovative thinkers in Canada, thanks to its strong combination of established high-tech companies, active startups and educational institutions,” said David Wigg, Head of Software Engineering at Enlighted. “Investing has helped us recruit some of the best minds and access to the University of Waterloo allows us to invest in the next generation while giving our teams a real boost of talent and creativity.”


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