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How remote work will change recruitment and people management

Posted by Waterloo EDC on May 26, 2020

This is the third edition in a new Waterloo EDC series on remote work. Stay tuned for posts featuring a variety of perspectives on the subject, including our Q&A with SkyWatch for lessons from a digital native company and OpenText to learn why they shut 50% of its offices to go remote. 

The very nature of how we work is shifting.

Remote work was possible a decade ago, but wasnt common. It...


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How Waterloo Region companies are helping during COVID-19

Posted by Waterloo EDC on May 22, 2020

A crisis can bring out the best in humanity.

While the world battles with COVID-19, as everyone focuses on keeping themselves and their families safe and healthy, communities are coming together like never before.

In Waterloo Region, we pride ourselves on an outsized ability to solve problems. It’s in our DNA.

This focus on solving problems is evident in the actions of our civic leaders, who...


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ApplyBoard: A “Made in Waterloo” Story

Posted by Waterloo EDC on May 21, 2020

You may have seen the news.

A few weeks ago, ApplyBoard became the second Waterloo company in the last six months to announce a “unicorn” valuation – a private company worth more than $1 billion. This is just the latest step in a fantastic journey that highlights – almost comprehensively – the reasons why Waterloo has become such a dynamic tech hub.

From the foreign student experience at top...


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FAQs about Canada’s COVID-19 support programs and re-opening plans

Posted by Waterloo EDC on May 21, 2020

Businesses have asked and governments have responded.

Over the last month, our federal, provincial and municipal governments have released a vast list of wage subsidies, low-interest loans and more meant to help Canadian businesses weather the COVID-19 storm. You can find a full list – that we update on a daily basis – here.

Each program has different eligibility requirements, application...


Topics: security, technology, startup, manufacturing, artificial intelligence

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