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Waterloo vs. Europe's tech hubs

5 Charts: Waterloo vs. Europe's top tech hubs

Posted by Waterloo EDC on March 3, 2021

Waterloo’s tech credentials are impressive. We have Canada’s highest quality tech workforce, some of the world’s fastest growing tech companies and the top computer science, engineering and mathematics school in the country.

Recently, we compared our tech ecosystem to the top emerging tech hubs across North America and Waterloo won each match-up.

We wanted to see how our community stacked up against the top tech hubs across Europe too, so we dug deep into our data and published comparisons with Berlin, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Munich. We’ve collected the results, and the links to the in-depth articles, below.

If you like data (and a little friendly competition), then you will love this series!

Summary Table:

In our comparisons, each community was scored on five key metrics, as well as tech salaries, that provided comparable data on talent, research and costs. Here’s how each community ranks overall on each metric:

Europe Summary Table
* Tech programs across Canada and Europe did not align directly, so a ranking based on program sizes was difficult. To see an in-depth breakdown of how the top tech universities in each city performed, read the individual comparisons.

**Software Engineer.

Matchup #1: Waterloo vs. Berlin, Germany

Waterloo and Berlin have a lot in common. We both have a booming startup scene, provide attractive opportunities for investors, are known for our strong artificial intelligence hubs and possess a culture of knowledge-sharing and support from local tech leaders. We make for a good match-up.

Matchup #2: Waterloo vs. Stockholm, Sweden

Waterloo and Stockholm share a handful of similarities. We both have an extremely high concentration of tech talent, offices from some of the biggest tech companies in the world and a top technology university. Don’t worry, we didn’t make any ABBA and “Waterloo” jokes.

Matchup #3: Waterloo vs. London, the United Kingdom

Despite the big difference in scale, Waterloo and London's tech ecosystems have several features in common. Each city boasts world-class tech talent and a strong startup scene as well as excellent research capabilities. Who took the tech crown?

Matchup #4: Waterloo vs. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Waterloo and Amsterdam share several key similarities. Both cities blend a flourishing startup scene and supportive business ecosystem with a high quality of life.

Matchup #5: Waterloo vs. Munich, Germany

Waterloo and Munich make for a good match-up. Both cities combine a growing technology scene with manufacturing prowess, a top engineering and technology university and a selection of automotive giants.


Want more data and comparisons? Download our Europe Tech Markets Comparison Guide:

Click here to download a free data-driven European markets comparison.

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